1. Diht-941...31...1...0...024...5...

  2. I'm afraid our little vacation must come to an end

  3. These are obviously jealous people

  4. EPHA-K

  5. EPHA-J

  6. EPHA-I

  7. EPHA-H

  8. EPHA-G

  9. EPHA-F

  10. EPHA-E

  11. EPHA-D

  12. EPHA-C

  13. EPHA-B

  14. EPHA-A

  15. EPHA-7

  16. EPHA-6

  17. EPHA-5

  18. EPHA-4

  19. EPHA-3

  20. EPHA-2

  21. EPHA-1

  22. Brick legs got out and left her here with us (ep)

  23. I hear cowards float

  24. Babies crying, Dogs dying

  25. Travka, the collateral (ep)

  26. James T Hodgkinson's day

  27. 'Covfefe' chronicles (EPISODE IV): President Chode (ep)

  28. 8-ball to the dome (ep)

  29. Death to all Trump cunts

  30. Horse honey (ep)

  31. Like a submaline in here (ep)

  32. Panamania (Take a step, Dr. Ford)

  33. Granular fear

  34. Teratoma cock curse

  35. Republicans are less than people (ep)

  36. Ten little lead-nosed friends

  37. Lyin' around in the naked cuz you won, Miss Edison

  38. Mistress (ep)

  39. Deficit (ep)

  40. Explicit (ep)

  41. Elicit (ep)

  42. S.A.G.A.-City (ep)

  43. "SUE HIS VERY SOUL" (ep)

  44. No more Neo Calcutta

  45. What's a little fallout? Eh?

  46. You'd assume I'm constipated or miserable or bit my tongue

  47. Vulgus supreme

  48. A real 'abledag'

  49. ¡Bread-Bread-Bread!

  50. Bread gone wrong

  51. Viggio Morgenstine

  52. He ate four of lembas bread

  53. Give me some of that liquid hydraulic shit!

  54. Put an egg in your shoe and beat it

  55. Agent Jack Bauer (The cat, not the man)

  56. 'Power bottom' fuck rhino

  57. Cuz meat spoils slower in a refrigerator

  58. Rants about job cannons and job land

  59. How are you supposed to be wood?

  60. Last I checked, chocolate is still deathly allergic to dogs

  61. Rita Fires

  62. A door marked 'pirate'

  63. Skunk beer

  64. 'Certain people' warned me about you

  65. As if he were a monkey who just strolled out of the rainforest and asked for gin and tonic

  66. You've done my brain in

  67. Grape shapes (ep)

  68. Ronald Dump [MIX TAPE]

  69. Politics 2017 (ep)

  70. 'Let's get have some dive together' (ep)

  71. The rev-heads' empty promise

  72. Desperation thermogram
    -/Purple_Cobra\- and the likes of Ribonuke and Mean Beans present: 'Desperation Thermogram'

  73. Moneybender

  74. The Pussy Steppe

  75. Shattered thoughts on your plate (ep)

  76. Smoke-Break (ep)

  77. Sickness in limerence

  78. Sassafrassenger safety rating

  79. Allergic to drowning

  80. Anal beads (ep)

  81. Donnie Trump and muslim extremists have about as much in common as a leaf and a leaf... they're both sexist leaves

  82. Here's to hoping my bigotist 7th and 8th grade teacher gets hereditary eye cancer

  83. Whatever the fuck comes next

  84. You missed the funeral

  85. Bring me poison (ep)

  86. her teeth

  87. his teeth

  88. The pain and the hatred you seed in me (ep)

  89. Shower time

  90. A generation that chooses to go out like Elsie is a generation beyond hope

  91. Moby Clit

  92. Endorphins

  93. Shadow Drama

  94. Three babies and a guitar (single)

  95. Scarab (single)

  96. To scratch an itch (single)

  97. The toxicology report is in (single)

  98. Delusions of galactic domination (single)

  99. FishmcLurk (single)

  100. Echoes (single)

  101. Can't stop no rain (single)

  102. She said 'break a leg' (single)

  103. Trees (single)

  104. Spit out 'yer bones
    Shit and the shit that chose to associate with shit

  105. Hard candy (single)

  106. Gotta' be nice to your food (single)

  107. Dharma (single)

  108. Smoke Weed, eaT aciD (single)

  109. In the 11th hour (a reckoning with bears)

  110. Chernobyl

  111. Slaughter mill

  112. Müsic

  113. Neo-Marxist punk trash (ep)

  114. Kyle Gaston

  115. A bent ol' Trent

  116. Hotdog Allen

  117. At the speed of life-to-death (ep)

  118. Drinking (ep)

  119. Koi plastic surgery
    feat. Ribonuke

  120. Dude, try not to flip chickens, but what if I told you I know for a fact that a black bear has watched you cum three times and that's just today
    feat. Ribonuke

  121. First thought that went through my head when I woke up was 'gotta pick up early'
    feat. Ribonuke

  122. Peptic (ep)

  123. The ides of March (ep)

  124. Abstract Fishes (ep)

  125. In memory of (ep)

  126. Hybrid (ep)

  127. Decade winds

  128. -/SŪÇkS\- (ep)

  129. -/THĮS\- (ep)

  130. -/YĒS\- (ep)

  131. What else would you come to expect from a family of factory workers in Canton Ohio? (ep)

  132. AFTER (ep)

  133. Goin' to Kamchatka, bearing your broken heart

  134. Wild Cherry

  135. We can't all afford to be Brent

  136. Dycans

  137. Gas for your cars, weed for your minds

  138. Night manners

  139. Prison in the sun [MIX TAPE]

  140. Programs hacking programs [MIX TAPE]

  141. Shriveled trunk (ep part 2)

  142. Shriveled trunk (ep part 1)

  143. What would YOU do for five shmeckles? (ep)

  144. Your flock is up a creek (ep)

  145. I was gonna set the timer and drink all their whole milk (ep)

  146. THAT'S RIGHT! (ep)

  147. Off course though... Of course (ep)

  148. You have arrived (because, presumably, by now, we are back on course, of course)

  149. Lungfish and frost

  150. Acupuncture rainbow dragon-snake-ipedes

  151. Lima beans suck dick

  152. Pulling carrots under a dead Ohio sky

  153. @Yourmothersh@us

  154. Licking

  155. Pleasure center

  156. What she wants (ALL DA' BASS, ALL DA' POWER)

  157. Zeus Canal

  158. Chatter and Splatter, as a Matter of Fact

  159. Black nail polish and heels

  160. Someone else whipped and bound on shrooms (MISS HOSTILE)

  161. Echo Moses down

  162. Thong brat

  163. Chili night (bail for a fuckin' snail)

  164. Throng bong song

  165. Half past the grass of the past

  166. Business end goes that way, fuck dope

  167. Busted up urinal in the old saw mill

  168. Old scruff bit the dust on Titan

  169. 'Oracle says'

  170. Fish and hot Limbs and Milk

  171. Nancy B. Façade

  172. Shoopin' fuck-ass blip

  173. Piss poor

  174. Vampire vomit (Mario mushrooms fucking strike a-motha-fuckin'-gain!)

  175. Kind of a 'Co-pay' sort of ordeal

  176. Post-galactic display

  177. Shadowfax

  178. Shaakimi-Kkhötta

  179. It brought hunger, it brought pestilence

  180. Scarecrow show

  181. the shogun of fear

  182. Search history

  183. In for everything

  184. Efrafa nationalist

  185. Lemon-Kush-Gasm

  186. Kenya

  187. Fall colors

  188. Reactionary piss and vinegar

  189. Proxy Nazi

  190. Pizza buffet hobo

  191. Children of Hypatia

  192. Grass Putty

  193. Carrot fingers

  194. Buzzard Bastard Blast

  195. Gas chamber pickles

  196. Fuck the wait

  197. Gotta catch'm all, right?

  198. Grind slaves (single)

  199. -/Purple_Cobra\-

  200. Anyone who has taken the blue acid (single)

  201. Pinebuds (single)

  202. Get dope $$$ (single)

  203. Brain eater (single)

  204. Congruency (ep)

  205. Eednud

  206. Polar Trap (ep)

  207. The Nørth is cøld and lønely

  208. ~No mention of trains whatsoever~

  209. Ole' spindly boy

  210. Keep your eyes peeled for Archons

  211. Fangs and scaly curves stuffed inside those Daisy Dukes so beware

  212. High witch

  213. The weed song

  214. French bread pizzas and talk of our flimsy futures

  215. YOU FUCKING ASKED FOR IT! (Halloween part 4 [MIX TAPE])

  216. Here comes Doctor Giggles

  217. That ugly bastard wasn't even on the plane!

  218. The research chemical hippopotamus style gang rails corpses like acacia sawdust

  219. Tarts and tricks

  220. It's not what you think

  221. IT's A THUG's LIFE

  222. Doey says keep floey

  223. Doedoeploedoe

  224. Doeyoeyoey

  225. Doeyoeylo

  226. Doey goes shquack

  227. Professor Lemonium

  228. In lieu of the ladder (Halloween part 3 (ep))

  229. Dundee


  231. Hexacycle

  232. Sipping Seven Smokes

  233. The Pig Master

  234. Ghouls day

  235. Into the mists (ep)

  236. Like gummy bears to the inebriated

  237. Spaghettables and Bacardi 151

  238. FULL AUTO (ep)

  239. Trains in Spain McWayne Shebang///To pick the color of my bong train trap game

  240. Trains die off a bridge in the woods and they're lost

  241. You can turn your trains inside out but I'll still walk away

  242. ... And the demons and the outliers and the trains behind trick doors

  243. 000 Get some train stuff so I don't gotta explain myself anymore

  244. All aboard the fuck train to Mars because, fuck it, everything's going anyways

  245. Sacred Ravioli Time ➲

  246. REVERSE GALACTIC DEFORMATION PART 1: First odyssey of the eons awakening

  247. The Dead Shall Study The Living///The Living Shall Study The Dead (Halloween Part 2)

  248. Hollow red and white thoughts (single)

  249. Descending into giants' crypts (single)

  250. Phantom Prime Elite

  251. Blood and tears wash over the mountains

  252. The fire and the rain

  253. Amidst the fallen leaves (Halloween Part 1 [MIX TAPE])

  254. Fat cats pace across the labyrinth of Dalí's mind (ep)

  255. Thru That Thang

  256. PillBug

  257. Inmoderate

  258. Cicyelle


  260. All hail the mighty Thorax

  261. Rivetter

  262. Marching on Nazareth

  263. Abort Station 6093 Lambda Prime

  264. CodeiNe

  265. Sage burners

  266. Berry splitter

  267. Ix

  268. Gutter music (ep)

  269. Little Trap House in The Ghetto [MIX TAPE PT. 2]: UPGRADE

  270. Tysoned (single)

  271. What are you hiding behind those golden locks (single)

  272. Slim times (single)

  273. Deplorable road conditions (single)

  274. Freak the fuck out (single)

  275. The shovel (which digs our uni-collective grave) (single)

  276. Big Banger Style (single)

  277. Equinox

  278. Summer Solstice

  279. Winter Solstice

  280. Concerning colonies in territories delta through omicron on the celestial dish we call Paul's left contact lens

  281. Trash (ep)

  282. Little Trap House in The Ghetto [MIX TAPE PART 1]

  283. That new shoe's smell (single)

  284. The hammer (single)

  285. In times of plenty (single)

  286. Dark times ahead (single)

  287. Lock the damned door (single)

  288. Morning hunger (single)

  289. Come on in (single)


-/Purple_Cobra\- Canton, Ohio


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